~Fullscreen HIGHLY recommended.~


A / D or Left and Right

Space, w, or up to jump

Winner of the "group under 30 category," at the PTBOGameJam02.

I'm considering expanding the game in the future.

You can follow (Matthew Greer) me on Twitter @FlopshotQQ

or email me at mrgreerm@gmail.com

Edit: Wow I'm terrible to have forgotten credits - so sorry. The artwork was drawn by Natasha Monk, who comprised the better half of the team. She also steered the overarching design and theme of the game.

In order to code Gwayakotem I studied several youtube channels - most notably Sabastian Lague's. So special thanks to him and his tutorials - if you enjoy the controls you should check out his channel. I did my best to recall what he accomplished, and had to refer to the videos several times. Even then most of it was hacked and rushed, so this game doesn't do it justice.