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Please visit www.donotwakethemoon.coolpage.biz to play 'Do not wake the Moon.'

The contents of this game were made specifically for the purposes of JamDNA, by FlopshotQQ (Matthew Greer).

This sound was used: https://freesound.org/people/Regrub9/sounds/190821/

I haven't added music yet >< so play this in your browser if you'd like: 

Criteria #1: Nighttime

The time from dusk to dawn.

The game is set during the nighttime, and incorporates the moon as a character and mechanic. 

Criteria #2: Eerie
Mysterious, strange or unexpected.

Strange entities emerge from the forest drawn in by a mysterious piano. What will come next is often unexpected.

Criteria #3: Ambient Piano
Piano music that puts an emphasis on tone and atmosphere.

Piano music plays from an ominous piano, that sets a eerie tone and atmosphere. The ghosts themselves strike harsh chords when they hit the piano, which might wake the moon.

Criteria #4: Vibrant
Oscillating or pulsating rapidly.

Swipe your fingers or move your mouse in rapid oscillation to keep the ghosts at bay.


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